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Tilburg University

by Andreas Metzger last modified Mar 23, 2009 13:19

List of terms related to competencies for Tilburg University (Tilburg)

Page (Business) Process Model
Page Abstract Transaction Template
Page Activity
Page Agile Service Network (ASN)
Page Application Level Atomicity
Page Atomic Quality Attribute
Page BPM Software Suite
Page Business Activity
Page Business Aware-Transaction
Page Business Policy
Page Business Process
Page Business Process Compliance Management
Page Business Process Execution
Page Business Process Integration (BPI)
Page Business Process Measurement
Page Business Process Modeling
Page Business Process Reusability
Page Business Protocol
Page Business Protocol Language
Page Business Protocol Projection
Page Business Rule
Page Business Transaction
Page Business Transaction Language
Page Business Transaction Model
Page Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
Page Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
Page Class of Service
Page Cloud Computing
Page Compatibility
Page Complex Quality Metric
Page Compliance
Page Compliance Requirement
Page Composite Quality Attribute
Page Contractual Atomicity
Page Control
Page Control Pattern
Page Controllable Quality Attribute
Page Delivery Atomicity
Page Design for Monitoring
Page Design for Reuse
Page Design Principle
Page Design-time Compliance Verification
Page Directive
Page Domain Dependent QoS Dimensions
Page Domain Independent QoS Dimensions
Page Elicitation
Page Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Page Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Page Evolution
Page Execution Time
Page Formal Specification
Page Granular Process Properties
Page Grid
Page Grid Brokering
Page Grid Workflow
Page IDEAL Model
Page Internal Control
Page Key Goal Indicator
Page Key Process Area (KPA)
Page Modeling Language
Page Monitoring Architecture
Page Monitoring in Grid
Page Monitoring Infrastructure
Page Multi-Modal Transaction
Page Negotiable Quality Attribute
Page Network- and Infrastructure-Related Quality
Page Non-Repudiation
Page Payment Atomicity
Page Plan
Page Planning
Page Process
Page Quality Attribute
Page Quality Metric
Page Quality of Service Characteristic
Page Quality of Service Negotiation
Page Requirement
Page Requirements Analysis
Page Requirements Engineering
Page Resource Quality Metric
Page Service
Page Service Analysis
Page Service Choreography
Page Service Description
Page Service Design
Page Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Page Service Level Objective (SLO)
Page Service Network
Page Service Orchestration
Page Service Realization Strategy
Page Service Specification
Page Service-Based Application (SBA)
Page Software Process
Page Software Process Assessment
Page Software Process Capability
Page Software process model
Page Software Quality Assurance
Page Software Service
Page Testing
Page Time-Soundness
Page Vital Activity
Page Vitality
Page Web Service Composition Model
Page Workflow
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