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Network- and Infrastructure-Related Quality

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Network- and Infrastructure-Related Quality
Domain: Cross-cutting issues
Engineering and Design
Adaptation and Monitoring
Quality Definition, Negotiation and Assurance
(domain independent)

Business Process Management

Service Composition and Coordination

Service Infrastructure

(domain independent)

The network is usually used for sending requests and receiving (either instantaneously or continuously) the results back and connects the service with the requesting user. Initially, most of the research approaches ([Sabata et al. 1997], [Anbazhagan, Nagarajan, 2002], [Lee et al. 2003], [Shuping 2003]) were neglecting this quality aspect but after the work published in ([Tian et al. 2003]), this situation has changed ([Capiello 2006], [Kritikos 2008]). [CD-JRA-1.3.2] {GEN: Quality Attribute} {SPC: Bandwidth, Network Delay, Delay Variation, Packet Loss, Server Failure, Guaranteed Messaging Requirement, Security Level}





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