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Politecnico di Milano

by Andreas Metzger last modified Mar 23, 2009 13:20

List of terms related to competencies for Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)

Page Abstraction-based adaptation
Page Accessibility
Page Accuracy
Page Actor
Page Adaptability
Page Adaptable Service-Based Application
Page Adaptation
Page Adaptation Mechanism
Page Adaptation Requirements and Objectives
Page Adaptation Strategy
Page Adaptation trigger
Page Analytical Quality Assurance
Page Atomic Quality Attribute
Page Autonomy
Page Built-in Adaptation
Page Business Process Analysis, Monitoring and Auditing
Page Class of Service
Page Complex Quality Metric
Page Composite Quality Attribute
Page Context
Page Controllable Quality Attribute
Page Cross-layer Adaptation
Page Cross-layer Monitoring
Page Customization
Page Data Timeliness
Page Data-Related Quality
Page Declarative Quality of Service Models
Page Design for Adaptation
Page Design for Monitoring
Page Design Principle
Page Diagnosis
Page Domain Dependent QoS Dimensions
Page Domain Independent QoS Dimensions
Page Dynamic Adaptation
Page Dynamic Binding
Page Dynamic Invocation
Page Error
Page Evolution
Page Execution Time
Page Failure
Page Failure Semantics
Page Fault
Page Formal Specification
Page Goal
Page Level of Service
Page Life cycle model
Page Mediation
Page Monitor
Page Monitored Event
Page Monitored Property
Page Monitoring
Page Monitoring Architecture
Page Monitoring Aspect
Page Monitoring Mechanisms
Page Monitoring Requirements
Page Monitoring Specification
Page Monitoring Subject
Page Negotiable Quality Attribute
Page Ontological Quality of Service Models
Page Optimization
Page Performance
Page Plan
Page Proactive Adaptation
Page Process
Page Quality Attribute
Page Quality Metric
Page Quality of Service Characteristic
Page Quality of Service Dimension
Page Quality of Service Level
Page Quality of Service Negotiation
Page Quality of Service-Aware Service Composition
Page Quality of Service-Based Adaptation
Page Quality of Use Context
Page Reactive Adaptation
Page Rebinding
Page Recovery
Page Requirements Engineering
Page Resource Quality Metric
Page Safe QoS Bound
Page Security
Page Self-*
Page Self-Adaptation
Page Self-Healability
Page Self-Healing
Page Service
Page Service Based Application Construction
Page Service Binding
Page Service Composition
Page Service Composition Life-Cycle
Page Service Description
Page Service Discovery
Page Service Fault
Page Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Page Service Level Agreement Negotiation
Page Service Level Objective (SLO)
Page Service life cycle model
Page Service Orchestration
Page Service Oriented Requirements Engineering (SORE)
Page Service Registry
Page Service Runtime
Page Service Specification
Page Service-Based Application (SBA)
Page Service-oriented Software Engineering (SOSE)
Page Software life cycle model
Page Software Quality Assurance
Page Software Service
Page Static Analysis
Page User Modeling
Page Web Service
Page Web Service Composition Model
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