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Service Composition

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Service Composition
Domain: Cross-cutting issues
Engineering and Design
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Business Process Management

Service Composition and Coordination

Service Composition is a combination of a set of services for achieving a certain purpose.  Different service composition types can be distinguished, in particular: service orchestration, service choreography, service wiring, and service coordination. Often service composition is used as synonym for the more special term service orchestration. [PO-JRA-2.2.1] {SYN: Service Aggregation} {SPC: Service Orchestration, Service Choreography, Service Coordination, Service Wiring}

A service composition is a coordinated aggregate of services. As explained on the Effects of Service-Orientation on the Enterprise page, a composition of services is comparable to a traditional application in that its functional scope is usually associated with the automation of a parent business process.
The consistent application of service-orientation design principles leads to the creation of services with functional contexts that are agnostic to any one business process. These agnostic services are therefore capable of participating in multiple service compositions.
As further discussed at, the ability for a service to be naturally and repeatedly composable is fundamental to attaining several of the strategic goals of service-oriented computing. Therefore, many of the design characteristics that distinguish a service enable it to effectively participate in service compositions. [WhatIsSOA]

Service Composition involves the development of customized services often by discovering, integrating, and executing existing services.  It's not only about consuming services, however, but also about providing services. This can be done in such a way that already existing services are orchestrated into one or more new services that fit better to your composite application. Additionally this can be done with the help of creating new services based on business logic programmed in Java. SAP's Composite Application Framework enables you to do all these jobs around Service Composition fast, easily, and with high efficiency.  The main development tool is SAP's NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP NWDS).[SAP]
, Service Infrastructure

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