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by Andreas Metzger last modified Apr 29, 2012 14:20

This page provides an overview of the S-Cube Knowledge Model and its access facilities.


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Welcome to the month 12 version of the S-Cube Knowledge Model (KM). The KM will be continuously updated during the course of the project.

You can access the entries of the KM by using any of the below methods:

Browse by Domain
S-Cube Quality Reference Model
List all Entries
Find Competencies  Related to Terms
Key to Syntax of KM Entries
An alphabetic list of terms defined and cross-correlated within the Knowledge Model.
Allows browsing the KM based on a short description of the respective domain.
  1. navigate to the Search Form
  2. Enter search term
  3. Select "KnowledgeModel" in the "Categories" list
Lists all KM entries that define the quality attributes as defined as part of the S-Cube Quality Reference Model (QRM) Lists all entries of the KM alphabetically on one single page.

Allows browsing the KM entries based on terms related to competencies of individual S-Cube members.
Explains the syntax used for the entries in the Knowledge Model


Please note that you can also comment on any of the S-Cube Knowledge Model entries after having registered for the S-Cube Web Portal here.

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