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Key To Syntax

by Andreas Metzger last modified Jul 23, 2009 15:51

Explains the Syntax of the KM entries.

Within each cell of the KM matrix, the following two options for defining terms can be used


<definition> ::= <text> [<reference>] {<REL>: <target>}

  • <text> is used to provide the definition for a term (plain text); we would like to encourage you to use hyperlinks (within the text) to other terms defined in the KM in order to increase the usability and utility of the KM.

  • [<reference>]: mandatory; at least one reference needs to be provided; e.g. [PO-JRA-1.3.1]; <references> are either WP deliverables (identifier) or articles/papers/books/online resources. In the latter case contributors should provide the full citation (and ideally a link to the full text / abstract; e.g. IEEE DL, ACM, ...).

    • For deliverables use the deliverable identifier within []
    • For papers, use the following reference style:
      • Single author: [Name, Year]
      • Two authors: [Name1 & Name 2, Year]
      • More than two: [Name1 et al., Year]
    • For other sources / standards / web-sites, use the name/acronym of the standard / website
  • {<REL>: <target>,<target>,...}: optional; relationship to other term(s):

    • <target> can be either text strings stating related terms (typically used in the case of acronyms or abbreviations), or links to "alternative" definitions (i.e., other pages in the KM)

    • Allowed relationship types (<REL>) are:

    • REL Meaning


      synonym (including abbreviations and acronyms)




      more general term (in a taxonomy term)


      more specific term (please note that for the current "implementation" of the KM, if

      you create a SPC link, ideally you should also create a GEN link form the linked item;

      and vice versa)


      Cross-reference (generic / catch-all); Please use it wisely. If you uncover special types

      of relations which appear in many of your definitions, please let us know such that we

      can introduce a new relationsh


<definition> ::= __SIM__ <issue> : <layer>

  • If the definition to be provided for a cell is identical to the definition in another cell, __SIM__ can be used to refer to this definition, thereby eliminating the need to copy the <text> (and thus avoiding redundant text in the tables); e.g: __SIM__KM-BPM : KM-AM
  • The __SIM__ option should be used to specify that a definition is common to several disciplines. If you want to define that the definition is a generic definition defined by one discipline, please put a single definition in the respective "Generic" cell.


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