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Information Source

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Information Source
Domain: Cross-cutting issues
Engineering and Design
Adaptation and Monitoring
Quality Definition, Negotiation and Assurance
(domain independent)

Business Process Management

Service Composition and Coordination

In service composition, information sources refer to [Ghezzi & Guinea, 2007]
  • Process state data: properties that predicate on process states and collected through appropriate probes placed throughout the process.
  • SOAP message data: the data related to the events or contents of the message that the service is sending / receiving. The data is collected through the probes that intercept the SOAP messages entering or leaving the system on which the service is deployed.
  • External data: the information that does not belong to the monitored system and should be collected externally.
  • Low level events: the information that is related to a lower level of abstraction and is specific to a particular implementation of the execution engine or infrastructure.

Service Infrastructure

An information source is anything that can produce monitoring information. Typical Grid information sources are processors, memories, storage media, network links, applications and processes. [Zanikolas, 2004] [PO-JRA-2.3.1]

(domain independent)

Information sources represent various components and entities that provide all the data, which is used by the monitor in order to evaluate the monitored properties. These sources may range from rather basic elements (such as messages, log files, or timers), to more complex monitors based on top of them (sensors, probes), to hierarchically complex monitoring systems, thus providing recursive and reusable monitoring solutions. In other words, one monitor may re-use another monitor as a source if information, where the information are the events reported by the latter. [CD-JRA-1.2.2]
An information source is a source of information for somebody, i.e. anything that might inform a person about something or provide knowledge to somebody. Information sources may be observations, people, speeches, documents, pictures, organizations etc. They may be primary sources, secondary sources, tertiary sources and so on. [Wikipedia]



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