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Integrating Knowledge and Resources (IA-1)

by Maike Uhlig last modified Apr 24, 2012 09:43

Motivation and Results

To foster the integration of research and to ensure alignment between the various related research disciplines, the S-Cube Knowledge Model was developed providing a method of capturing, managing and refining the knowledge produced by the network. The Knowledge Model allowed the collection, analysis and management of research within and outside of S‑Cube and enabled the extraction and combination of the explicit, crosscutting knowledge required for collaborative research.

The main results achieved by the “integration of knowledge” activity are:

  • The Knowledge Model includes over 450 terms and 723 definitions, which are publically available.
  • The Knowledge Model integrates and synthesizes diverse definitions, terms, concepts and knowledge from different research communities.
  • The Knowledge Model provides different ways of accessing its contents, e.g. browsing by alphabetical order or by research area, as well as searching.
  • The Knowledge Model serves as reference point for the stakeholders addressed by S‑Cube, i.e., researchers, students, software service developers and providers, and industry.
  • The Knowledge Model gained wide acceptance among the network members, as well as external stakeholders (as visible by the accesses to the web pages).
  • S-Cube’s experience in establishing the Knowledge Model has been published and presented in different forums.
  • Since October 2010, S-Cube and HOLA! ( collaborate to employ the Knowledge Model to define a meta-data schema that provides the keywords attached to HOLA!’s Internet of Services Digital Library.


Further information



 This activity (IA-1) was coordinated by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche.

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