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Self-* Service Infrastructure and Service Discovery Support (WP-JRA-2.3)

by Branimir Wetzstein last modified Apr 24, 2012 10:38


    S-Cube developed technologies for service provisioning, adaptation and monitoring, and incorporated them into approaches for enabling self-* characteristics of an integrated service infrastructure:

    • S-Cube created novel approaches based on chemical model to build and adjust a new service infrastructure.
    • S-Cube developed a SLA-based resource virtualization approach for on-demand service provision and execution and contributed enabling self-* characteristics of a service runtime environment incorporating both service registries and client components.
    • S-Cube created management and deployment approaches of services on Cloud infrastructures including both provisioning and adaptation.

    Further Information

    • A list of deliverables of this workpackage can be found here.
    • A list of S-Cube publications can be accessed here.


    This activity (WP-JRA-2.3) was coordinated by INRIA.



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