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Monitoring Perspective

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Monitoring Perspective
Domain: Cross-cutting issues
Engineering and Design
Adaptation and Monitoring
Quality Definition, Negotiation and Assurance
(domain independent)

Business Process Management

Service Composition and Coordination

Service Infrastructure

The client will usually be the end-user interested in the state of a resource, set of resources or their currently executing job. The provider will be the provider of the Grid infrastructure. A third-party could be involved in storing events of consumers, or as a schema repository where event schema, or defined event types, are held for reference. [Tierney, 2002], [Zanikolas, 2004]

(domain independent)

Monitoring perspective reflects the objectives of a stakeholder that performs the monitoring activity. Typically, the following perspectives are considered [CD-JRA-1.2.2], [Ghezzi & Guinea, 2007]:
  • client (requester) perspective requires that the service should deliver what it promised and should match the expectations of the requester.
  • provider perspective aims to monitor of the quality of delivered service and to drive possible run-time optimizations.
  • third-party perspective requires that the monitoring is performed by a third-party component, which aggregates and provides an access to the monitoring data. This approach is adopted when, e.g., the monitoring information comes from different sources and sites, when the client-side measurements are not possible or are not adequate with respect to the provider-side.

Perspective: Perspective in theory of  cognition is the choice of a  context or a  reference (or the result of this choice) from which to  sense categorize measure or codify  experience, cohesively forming a coherent  belief, typically for comparing with another. [Wikipedia]



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