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Associate Member Process (Third Call)

by Andreas Metzger last modified Apr 26, 2010 11:27
Contributors: Manuel Carro

This page describes the process for becoming an Associate Member, as well as the rights and duties of Associate Members. The information in this page corresponds to the third call for applications.

Becoming an Associate Member

Companies, organizations, and research groups with experience in service-oriented systems are invited to apply as S-Cube Associate Members.  For the third call, we expect the applicants to have expertise in real(istic) systems where some (or all) of the following aspects have special relevance:

  • Dynamic compositions,
  • Adaptive compositions,
  • Context awareness,
  • Quality of Service in all of the situations above.


Successful applicants should be able to contribute with real / realistic use cases having some of the characteristics above, or to collaborate with S-Cube partners in the refinement of existing use cases. These use cases will be used to validate and extend the S-Cube reference life cycle and research framework, in order to produce a development methodology for software services as comprehensive as possible. We expect applicants to come mainly from the industry, although applicants from academia which can contribute as stated above are also welcome to apply.

As an indication of the kind of  cases S-Cube is dealing with, a summary of the current approach of S-Cube to describe and categorize use cases can be found at and a description of the use cases and scenarios currently under study in S-Cube are available in the project deliverables CD-IA-2.2.2 "Collection of Industrial Best Practices, Scenarios and Business Cases" and CD-IA-2.2.4 "Report on common Pilot Cases ", both publicly available under .


Rights of Associate Members

Associate Members will be invited to attend S-Cube meetings. S-Cube provides for Associate Members, on a case-by-case basis, with reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses (to attend, for example, network meetings).

Note: organizations from non-EU countries can apply for Associate Membership. Associate Members from ICPC countries can ask for reimbursement of travel expenses. Associate Members from non-EU, non-ICPC countries need specific permission from the Commission if they wish to apply for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Associate Members will be granted access to the different project collaboration platforms and to the S-Cube Web portal. There will a dedicated page in this portal listing all Associate Members.

Associate Members can use the S-Cube logo and will be included in the appropriate S-Cube mailing lists. Associate Members have neither voting nor veto rights, nor receive any funding from S-Cube other than travel expenses as stated above.


Duties of Associate Members

Each Associate Member must have signed the S-Cube Consortium Agreement.

Associate Members will participate in at least one of the S-Cube joint research activities and contribute to at least one integration activity. They can engage in spreading of excellence activities, such as the virtual campus and community outreach.

Their involvement in the activities in which they participate has to be documented by delivering quarterly reports to the Network Management Board. Reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses requires approval of the tentative travel and subsistence expenses by the Network Management Board before traveling. Reimbursement will be made upon reception of expense reports together with original receipts / invoices by the Financial Manager of S-Cube.


Application Process

The process for applying to Associate Membership in S-Cube is as follows:

  1.  Interested organizations and research groups submit a filled-in Associate Member Request Form (see below) to the Associate Member coordi­nator.

  2. The Governing Board will select potential Associate Members from all the applications based on the required competencies and the application profiles.

  3. Selected potential Associate Members submit a detailed Associate Member Request Form (see below) to the Associate Member coordinator.

  4. The final decision about the acceptance of a potential Associate Member will be taken by the S-Cube Steering Committee based on the detailed request forms received.

  5. Finally, the potential Associate Member has to agree with the Steering Committee on their contribution to S-Cube and has to sign the S-Cube Consortium Agreement.

Associate Members will share with full partners a series of benefits and obligations (see above). The membership will initially be established for a period of one year (default duration). It will be renewable up to two months before the end of the period. All Associate memberships will be terminated at the end of the S-Cube NoE.

DEADLINE for submitting the Associate Member Request forms is Friday, May 21st, 2010 - Strict!


S-Cube Associate Member Request Form

To express your interest in joining S-Cube as Associate Member, please submit an Associate Member Request Form in PDF format.  Only applications written in English and staying within the page ranges indicated below will be considered.

The Associate Member Request Form must contain the following data:

  • Organization name / School / Institute / Department (if applicable).
  • Institutional web page
  • Phone / Fax.
  • Postal address.
  • A short description of the key person (a quarter of a page maximum) and of the unit / department which will be providing the use cases (a quarter of a page maximum).
  • A short description (one page per case maximum) of up to three use cases, stating why dynamicity / adaptivity / context / QoS is important in them.  We are interested in knowing as well which parts of the S-Cube Reference Life Cycle (see Section 2.3 of deliverable CD-IA-3.1.1, under are more relevant for each of these use cases. 
  • We would also like to know up to which point these use cases can be made public and whether there is any constraint in using them in research papers, posters, demos, etc.

Detailed Request Form for Associate Members

 If the S-Cube Governing Board approves your initial request, you will receive further instructions on how to fill in a Detailed Request Form, as well as a precise time schedule for finalizing your application.

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