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Realisation Mechanisms for Service-based Systems (JRA-2)

by Branimir Wetzstein last modified Apr 24, 2012 10:08

Motivation and Results

The major goal of this activity was to develop technologies, mechanisms and techniques for realizing QoS-aware and adaptable service-based applications. The collaborative research of this activity resulted in a stack of technologies and techniques. Both reflect the interdependencies of the service-based application layers and will enable the development of service-based applications according to the engineering principle and techniques.

S-Cube’s results within this activity can be classified into the following three key areas: (1) Business Process Management (BPM) (WP-JRA-2.1), (2) Adaptable Coordinated Service Compositions (WP-JRA-2.2), and(3) Self-* Service Infrastructure and Service Discovery Support (WP-JRA-2.3). Please follow the links below to gain further information on these areas.

Further Information


This activity (JRA-2) was coordinated by University of Stuttgart. 

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