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Integration Framework for Service-based Applications (IA-3)

by Maike Uhlig last modified Apr 24, 2012 09:46

Motivation and Results

The main goal of this activity was the definition and the validation of a coherent and holistic Integrated Research Framework to foster the alignment of the research activities within S-Cube. Among others, the results include:

  • The integration framework fostered the conceptual integration of principles, techniques, methods and mechanisms developed and extended in the various S-Cube research activities. Those results obviously have been widely published.
  • The integration framework facilitated the definition of 24 concrete research challenges for the key building blocks of the framework and researched within S-Cube. In addition, patterns which characterize different types of users involved in the design and execution of software services and services-based systems have been identified and defined.
  • By employing high level scenarios S-Cube members validated the end-to-end integration of S-Cube research results which in turn led to a continuous revision and improvement of the integration framework itself.
  • The Integrated Research Framework and its building blocks were empirically validated such as demonstrators, experiments, and case studies. Overall, approximately 50 different validations have been executed and reported.
  • The research framework and the use cases significantly facilitated the successful alignment of the short- and long-term research agendas of S-Cube members.


Further information


This activity (IA-3) was coordinated by Center for Scientific and Technological Research (FBK).

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