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Integrating Communities (IA-2)

by Daniel Dubois last modified Apr 24, 2012 09:44

Motivation an Results

The integration of the different research communities in S-Cube was facilitated by (1) an intensive mobility programme which fostered the exchange of staff from all S-Cube members, (2) a systematic collection of use cases to illustrate and validate S-Cubes results, (3) the alignment with industry, specifically via the industrial advisory board, student internships with industry and S-Cube industry workshops.

Among others, the following results have been achieved:

  • S-Cube researchers participated in over 105 research visits, covering a large variety of research subjects such as engineering, adaptation, and evolution of software-based applications. The exchange of staff obviously fostered the creation of effective communication channels and the creation of lasting collaborations among members.
  • S-Cube established a structured approach for defining use cases for software-services and service-based applications. This approach was proposed to EU projects running concurrently to S-Cube with the aim of defining use cases unitarily. It has been adopted by at least three other FP7 projects. The use cases defined are hosted and made public via the S-Cube use case repository. Moreover, S-Cube members chaired the use cases working group session at the Collaboration Meeting promoted by the EU.
  • S-Cube compiled a “shopping list” comprising results that are expected to be relevant for ICT industries and companies; an excerpt of these results was presented to researchers and decision makers from industry in specific workshops.


Further information



This activity (IA-2) was coordinated by Politecnico di Milano.


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