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SNAPT – Service Network Analysis and Prediction Tool

by Pierluigi Plebani last modified Jan 11, 2012 10:16

Contact person

Christos Nikolaou,, UoC

Mariana Karmazi,, UoC



A prototype tool for constructing service network models and transforming into initial business process models. Specifically SNAPT allows for: modeling service networks as a set of services and business entities based on a proposed meta-model, contacting quantitative and qualitative analysis of models (VNA analysis), transforming service network models to an initial collaborative business process models, and finally converting service network models to simulation model based on Vensim. SNAPT provides process models inputs for Eclipse BPMN Editor based on the BPMN format and IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V7.0 based on the free-form language supported by the tool. There is no limitation regarding the complexity of service networks. Additionally, SNAPT allows defining and assigning Key Performance Indicators to services in service network models in order to imprint strategic goals and requirements. Currently, SNAPT provides a REST-based KPI repository based on the APQC's Process Classification Framework to allow a SNAPT user to browse and select from 800 KPIs categorized in an industry-based structure,  via the KPI editor of his application. Next versions of SNAPT will accommodate the mapping of service network metrics to performance metrics.


Technical Information

SNAPT runs as a standalone application. It is based on the Eclipse Platform and has been developed following the MDA approach taking the advantage of the plug-ins extension mechanisms in order to allow future extensions or modifications to the tool.

Demo : Illustrates the construction of a car repair service network and the generation report process for quantitative analysis


Paper currently under submission

Contact the person responsible for getting a User Manual


End-to-end processes in Service Networks, Business Process Management


Maturity Level

Prototype (for different scenarios)

Relationship with Future Internet and Internet of Services

SNAPT is a unique prototype tool allowing for modeling and analysing existing and emerging service networks enabling business analysts to study and explore the vitality of emerging ones. SNAPT's vision is to bridge the existing gap between business theorists, IT developers and economists by providing a common language and plarform for understanding services and service delivery.


Relationship with Cloud


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