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Method for the creation of lightweight workflows in social networks

by Pierluigi Plebani last modified Jan 11, 2012 10:16

Contact person

Schahram Dustdar, <>, Vienna University of Technology (TUW)



By the example of an integration with the Twitter social network in this study a lightweight coordination and collaboration platform, intertwining contemporary social networking platforms

and SOA principles is presented. The approach uses Twitter as a platform for collaborations of human and software services in the context of workflows. Tweets allow to reuse existing infrastructures and tools (e.g., twitter clients on mobile devices) for the communication between services and humans. Simultaneously, social network structures can be exploited originating from Twitter follower networks in order to discover (human and software) resources that are required for the execution of a workflow. One is even able to monitor the execution of workflows with Twitter, simply by following Tweets that represent the execution of a workflow.

Technical Information

The approach uses Twitter and extends it's communication protocol with primitives required for Web-service interactions.




Martin Treiber, Daniel Schall, Schahram Dustdar, Christian Scherling. Tweetflows - Flexible Workflows with Twitter. 3rd International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems (Pesos 2011). Hawaii, May 23-24, 2011, USA.


Service Composition, Workflows


Maturity Level

Prototype (single scenario)

Relationship with Future Internet and Internet of Services

As any social platform recently the Twitter network arose to a network with a multitude of users providing and following a plethora of subjects. The demonstrated use for workflows is just on direction in which such well established networks could go. The applications become even more exiting with platforms that are dedicated to the processing of tasks  such as crowdsourcing platforms.


Relationship with Cloud


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