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A Model Transformation for Increasing Value in Service Networks through Intangible Value Exchanges

by Pierluigi Plebani last modified Jan 11, 2012 10:16

Contact person

Daniel J. Dubois,, POLIMI



What we focus in this work is to identify some patterns in existing service networks and exploit them to reorganize the network by adding the capability to rapidly react to dynamic environment conditions and to changes in business requirements. The key technology that we are exploiting is the informative value that is given by adding a concept of feedback to every interaction, and by adding a reputation managing system to support the whole infrastructure. The final goal is to increase the total value produced in the systems, especially in terms of knowledge and trust that service network participants may use when interacting with unknown entities, thus at the end they will be able to reorganize their processes in a more “agile” and secure way. We studied first how to apply this methodology in the BPM lifecycle described in the SN4BPM model, and second a case study in which we improve the agility of an existing Car Sharing service network.

A future outcome that will be expected in the near future is to complete the integration into the SN4BPM model and provide a validation of the case study using quantitative techniques for expressing the value in addition to the external service value analysis tools that have been used in the preliminary phase of the research. 


Technical Information

Evaluation tools for the Agile Service Network: ValueNetworks


D. J. Dubois, C. Nikolaou, M. Voskakis. “A Model Transformation for Increasing Value in in Service Networks through Intangible Value Exchanges”. ICSS ’10: 2010 International Conference on Service Science, Hangzhou, China, 2010.


Adaptation and Monitoring, Business Processe Management , Service Composition and Coordination


Maturity Level

Prototype (single scenario)

Relationship with Future Internet and Internet of Services

A scenario of several independent entities providing and using Services is the base of the Future Internet and the Internet of Services. This can be supported by a marketplace of several services that can be used and integrated. The fact that each service may be composed with others and owned by different companies makes it possible to model this scenario using the Agile Service Network formalism that we considered in this work. Similarly to the Agile Service Network we used in our example, we expect that our analysis methodology and the adoption of brokering and matching entities can have a significant impact on the increase in the value also in this context.


Relationship with Cloud

No direct relationship with the cloud except for the fact that services are offered by partners in the service network according to the SaaS paradigm

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