News News related to S-Cube daily 1 2008-02-13T09:21:17Z [S-Cube] Quality Prediction Techniques Applied to Transport & Logistics [S-Cube] Quality Prediction Techniques Applied to Transport & Logistics; results are published in A. Metzger, P. Leitner, D. Ivanovic, E. Schmieders, R. Franklin, M. Carro, S. Dustdar, and K. Pohl, “Comparing and combining predictive business process monitoring techniques,” IEEE Trans. on Systems Man Cybernetics: Systems, 2014. No publisher ametzger 2014-09-23T09:43:55Z News Item [S-Cube] Transport and Logistics Case Study Data Set Available A data set comprising execution traces of 3,942 actual business process instances, including 7,932 transport legs and 56,082 service invocations, reconstructued from five months of business operations in the transport and logistics domain is now available from: No publisher ametzger 2014-01-23T15:22:48Z News Item Job Announcement: Post-Doc position on Future Internet Technologies The Software Systems Engineering research team at paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology, Germany, is looking for a Post-Doc to support the national and international research projects in the area of Future Internet. No publisher eschmieders 2012-11-19T10:42:27Z News Item S-Cube@ICSE Workshop Proceedings available online S-Cube@ICSE Workshop Proceedings available online from No publisher ametzger 2012-10-24T14:17:36Z News Item Positive Final Review of S-Cube Result of the final S-Cube review (year 4) No publisher eschmieders 2012-06-19T12:42:08Z News Item S-Cube Workshop on "European Software Services and Systems Research - Results and Challenges" at ICSE 2012 successful The workshop provided a platform to outline and demonstrate results of fundamental research carried out within S-Cube. More information available at No publisher eschmieders 2012-06-19T11:33:22Z News Item S-Cube@ICSE Workshop Final Programme Available The final programme of the S-Cube workshop at ICSE is now available at: No publisher ametzger 2012-05-30T15:09:58Z News Item S-Cube's Final Report Published S-Cube Final Report is now publically available at No publisher eschmieders 2012-05-30T15:06:53Z News Item [S-Cube] PESOS & S-Cube @ ICSE Workshop Programmes published Workshop programmes for the following two workshops co-organized by S-Cube in conjunction with ICSE 2012 have been published: (1) (2) No publisher ametzger 2012-03-27T13:12:10Z News Item [S-Cube] Shopping List for Industry now available The S-Cube Industry Shopping List entails S-Cube key results that can be relevant for ICT industries and companies. No publisher dhebgen 2012-03-06T14:16:55Z News Item [S-Cube] S-Cube ranked in top 5 for its socio-economic impact S-Cube has been ranked by SEQUOIA to be in the top 5 of 30 EU projects for what concerns its socio-economic impact. No publisher ametzger 2012-03-03T08:19:43Z News Item [S-Cube] Final Global Meeting in Barcelona S-Cube's final Global Meeting was carried out in Barcelona at the end of the last year. No publisher dhebgen 2012-03-14T09:56:59Z News Item [S-Cube] S-Cube Paper Receives ICSOC Best Paper Award No publisher ametzger 2011-12-08T10:42:04Z News Item [S-Cube] Results brochure published A summary of the major S-Cube results and achievements have been published as part of the "FP7 Call 1 Achievements in Software & Services" by SSAIE. The S-Cube summary is available at http:// No publisher ametzger 2011-11-09T13:45:22Z News Item [S-Cube] Successful ServiceWave Conference 2011 This year’s ServiceWave was a great success as it attracted around 130 participants from different research areas such as cloud computing, security, privacy and trust as well as service engineering. No publisher eschmieders 2011-11-04T17:29:26Z News Item